Our Story

The Cerris brand.

Cerris is a subgenus of an oak tree, known for strong roots and adaptive abilities. The mark next to our name represents the very heart of a tree root and is the basis of its growth and integrity. The Cerris group of companies is strongly rooted, united around a common set of principles, and prepared to meet the building needs of tomorrow.


Our Legacy

Our legacy starts in 1932 when three brothers decided to start a plumbing business in Kansas City during the Great Depression. Through a dynamic blend of entrepreneurial spirit, integrity, quality craftsmanship, and teamwork, that small family-owned company has survived multiple economic ups and downs and the challenges that the construction industry faces time and again.

In 2000, our founding family gave us the greatest gift of all – a chance to become employee owners, and in 2002, we became 100% employee-owned. From humble beginnings rooted in the Midwest to a nationwide presence and diverse brands coast to coast, we love what we do and the communities we’ve helped build along the way.

Cerris Legacy Photo

Claude Sanders, Founder


  1. Midwest Plumbing & Heating is founded

  2. Midwest Plumbing & Heating became Midwest Mechanical Contractors

  3. MW Builders, Inc. is founded

  4. MW Builders Temple office opening

  5. MMC Corp’s structure is born

  6. Midwest Mechanical Contractors of Nebraska office opening

  7. Pahor Air Conditioning is acquired

  8. MMC Corp becomes 100% employee-owned

  9. MMC Contractors & MW Builders rebrand

  10. Countywide Mechanical Systems is acquired

  11. MMC Corp celebrates 80 years in business

  12. MW Builders Midland office opening

  13. Building Control Services (BCS) is acquired

  14. Stroh Corporation is acquired

  15. Stroh Corporation is rebranded as the fifth MMC Contractors office

  16. Countywide Mechanical Sacramento office opening

  17. MW Builders Temple office relocates to the Austin metro

  18. MMC Contractors adds seventh office in Nashville

  19. MW Builders Dallas office opening

  20. MMC Corp sells Countywide Mechanical Systems

  21. Company rebranding