MMC Contractors Hosts Second Annual Heavy Metal Summer Experience in Nebraska

Our Omaha team brings subject matter experts and high school students and recent graduates for hands-on learning in the mechanical trades.

Following the success of its inaugural event, MMC Contractors – Omaha is pleased to host an immersive, hands-on Heavy Metal Summer Experience for the second consecutive year. MMC Contractors was the first company to host this experience in Nebraska, bringing the program to the state in 2023.

The summer experience started on June 4, 2024, and will end on June 21, 2024. This three-week-long event will provide opportunities for high school students with a firsthand glimpse into the complexities of mechanical craftsmanship and innovation.

The objective of the Heavy Metal Summer Experience is to provide future young professionals with thorough exposure to various skills of construction. This includes skills such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), installation, and fabrication emphasizing being safe. This experience, led by MMC Contractors’ industry-leading professionals who work on their craft daily, offers a unique opportunity for participants to learn hands-on what the industry has to offer as a career.

As the Heavy Metal Summer Experience comes to an end on June 21, 2024, a commencement ceremony will be held, marking the successful accomplishment of completing this immersive program. This ceremony serves as an opportunity for mentors to commend and motivate students into the next chapter of their lives and offer insightful reflections on what occurred during the experience.

“We’re committed to fostering a culture of constant learning and development embodied within our “Train Your Replacement” mentality. By embracing this mindset, we’re prioritizing the education and talent within the existing workforce and among the cohort of future professionals,” said Dennis Eden, President of MMC Contractors – Omaha.

By implementing this culture of mentorship and empowerment, MMC Contractors – Omaha aims to educate the next generation of industry leaders, equipping students with the expertise and skills needed to be successful within the industry. The dedication to employee growth underlines the organization’s pursuit of excellence and innovation by having a pivotal role in shaping the future of the construction industry.