cloudy and tree-like thoughts


Who am I?

I'm Ryan Freckleton. I'm on twitter, facebook, reddit and linkedin. I was born in the mid-1980s, so I'm a snake person, er, I mean a Millennial, and a native Coloradan.

What is this?

  • A blog!
  • An art project!
  • A system!

Why is it?

  • To bring joy to you
  • To express myself
  • To learn and tweak web based APIs for pictures, social media and OTHER THINGS

How does it work?

  • Currently Pelican, git and dreamhost

Where does it belong?

  • In your feed reader
  • In your social media feed
  • No email yet (use some other tool to get in touch! )

When will it be updated?

  • See sitemap.xml if you're a robot
  • Hopefully once per day